Ego T3s Kanger Starter Kit

We highly recommend either this kit or our Evod starter kit or if your looking for a major throat hit our MT3 Evod Twist Kit is the way to go. They have everything you need to start on your vaping journey and are very simple and user friendly to operate 




This is another of our kits which is a variation of our Ce4 Kit. The only difference is this kit comes with 3 x  T3S clearomizers instead of the bottom of the range CE4 Clearomizers. It comes with two powerful 650mAh batteries which will last 5-7 hours of heavy vaping and up to 36 hours of average vaping on a single battery charge.  This is roughly equivalent to 800 puffs/day !.
Kit Contents
2 x 650mAh Batteries with 5 click protection
3 x Kanger T3S Clearomizers
1 x Stylish Ego Case (available in black, red or blue)
1 x Battery charger wall plug
1 x Battery charger usb cable
1 x Instructions
1 x Refil bottle
1 x 30ml Tobacco flavored E-juice - Medium Strength (if we are out of stock of Tobacco flavor another flavor from our tobacco range will be sent)
(if you would like a different flavour or strength leave a note in checkout)
A short video on how to fill the clearomizer and replace the coils for future reference
Weight - 300 grams

I used to be what could only be described as one ‘serious smoker’. That was until there came a rather serendipitous moment when I was offered a free ‘beginners’ pack of an e-cigarette from the good chap, Michael Hill at E-Cigarettes Australia. Thinking that it was worth investigating, especially because it was free (easy come, easy go, right?), I happily ticked the box and waited for the mail.

The pack was a battery, tank, USB charger, and a 10ml bottle of the juice. There were no instructions included, but they were not really necessary anyway. Figuring out A goes into B, and B screws on to C, it was very simple in its execution, relative to hand rolling each of the 3 to 5 smokes I’d typically have in an hour (although after nearly 30 odd years of smoking, I’d well and truly gotten the hang of that). The first taste was intriguing, the second probably a little too long on the ‘burn’ time (and a cough ensued), but by the third time the button was pressed, it seemed obvious to me that this was going to be more than an acceptable alternative to ‘the real thing’.
That was nearly three months ago now, and in that time I’ve had probably five tobacco cigarettes, and all mostly at a time when it would be fair to say I was a little shickered, and even then it was probably only within the first month or so. 
Since then I’ve noticed a marked difference in a few key things. Firstly, I can breathe through my nose again, especially at night. That means that I probably snore less. I’ve noticed increased colour and circulation in my hands, and my feet don’t get as cold anymore; very handy in the middle of winter. I started feeling that I was able to breathe easier in general, and climbing three flights of stairs still left me with enough breath to say hello to the person at the top of them. In those three months, I’ve spent on e-cigarette supplies what I would have spent on tobacco in two weeks. And the best part of it all was that it was relatively seamless in the transition. ‘Smoking’ e-cigarettes requires no massive adjustment in your day-to-day doings, and in fact it makes things even easier because you don’t have to duck outside for quick fag at work, or the movies, or out for dinner, and you can do it in your car, in your house, when kids are around. Things smell better, taste better, and even just seem better.
I’m sold on them. I don’t see a need to purchase another pouch of tobacco ever again. Get on the e-ciggy and do yourself, and everyone else around you, a favour for the very obvious reasons. Seriously.


Greg Hirtzel - former smoker


To any smoker out there – Try this system out.A week ago I was a 51 year old smoker that started when I was 16 – 35 years of smoking!!!!

I have seen people vapouring around and decided after recovering from blood clots that nearly ended my life - to give it a try. I ordered my kit and have not smoked a cigarette since. I don’t need to smoke. In the past I have tried it all – patches, pills, chewing gum, sprays, cold turkey, hypnotherapy, Allan Carr and countless other things – all failing within hours or a day. This worked from the first puff. 

I have in a week converted my partner, my older brother and sister in law. My doctor is impressed and has asked for the details so that he can recommend the system to his other patients. I still go outside to be social and ‘smoke’ with friends and work mates and I am happy knowing that I can do this with ease and not have to worry about using breath fresheners or my clothes smelling. 

A wonderful system. Thank you so much for a beautifully made product and providing a way of improving my life. Try it out.

Off to convert a few more people. 



Micheal O’Grady

PS I have not been asked to submit a recommendation or review. Just felt I had to do it as a thank you!!!



E-Cigarettes Australia would never promote or encourage anybody to take up smoking.

Our products are designed to help smokers who cannot give up and those who are trying to quit.